Kikan (Remake)

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Kikan (Remake)
Kikan remake screen.png
Author Luke Drelick
Company Duky, Inc.
Release Date Feb 2nd, 2008
Genre RPG
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Note: This article is about the Kikan Remake. For the original Kikan, by the same author, see Kikan.

The Kikan Remake was a project undertaken by Luke Drelick in an effort to rehash his old MegaZeux game Kikan in order to salvage the good parts of the original, replacing everything else. Kikan's plot involves four people's travels through Neo New York and the protagonist's struggles with his meth addiction. The game's battle system, loosely based on Dragon Quest and Shadow Hearts, is one of the few complete MZX RPG battle systems. In the game Drelick's love of Japanese RPGs is fairly visible, and in his soundtrack one can see his trademark love for electronic music, especially of the house variety. Despite having many design quriks the author is known for, Kikan takes itself more seriously than most other Drelick games. The game was given a lukewarm reception, having the unfortunate fate of being released around the same time as Eternal Eclipse Taoyarin. It earned generally high marks from the MZXers who bothered playing it.

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