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Kikan refers to two games by Luke Drelick, one released around 2001, the other (mostly unrelated) game released in 2008.

The Original Kikan

The Remake

Main Article: Kikan (Remake)

The Kikan remake was first announced in 2006 with screenshots comparing scenes from the original Kikan, with redesigned and vastly improved versions of these scenes. Development on the Kikan remake continued in relative silence until early 2008's Duky Inc Anniversary Collection, which included a playable demo of the remake. The game was finally released in late 2008.

Kikan's battle system is perhaps the most fleshed-out battle system in a MegaZeux RPG, presented from a Phantasy Star-style rear perspective. The player has control of up to four party members at once, with as many as six enemies on screen at once. Physical attacks (and most skills) are governed by what is called the Judgment Bar, similar to the Judgment Ring system from the Shadow Hearts games. As the player uses battle commands, the Bar appears with some sections of green interspersed across it. A slider moves across the bar, and the player must press Space as the slider goes across the green sections. Each section successfully triggered will increase the attack or skill's power. If no sections are hit, the skill will miss.

Kikan's soundtrack is now comprised of looping sections of electronic music, all in Ogg Vorbis format to take advantage of the improved sound engine of the MegaZeux port.