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Belsambar, also known as, is a paid hosting site for the ZZT and MZX communities.

Belsambar is provided by Insidious, bought from DreamHost. It began as an attempt to create a host for MZXRadio, evolved into an alternative to DigitalMZX, and then turned into a hosting site when Insidious decided he needed some spending cash. It currently hosts such sites as Z2, ZUltimate, and hillofants (burstroc's music site), among others. Hosting was formerly provided at a one-time fee of $9.56 US. New applicants, due to mounting hosting costs, were expected to pay a slightly saner $9.00 US a year until Insidious stopped accepting new applicants altogether.

Belsambar has been shut down since mid 2010s, with Insidious recommending other hosting providers.

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