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ZUltimate (known in short as ZU) is a wiki, much like this one, for the ZZT community. However, it could be considered somewhat less objective in nature and more of humorous intent, as a number of the nodes serve to heavily insult and/or embarrass particular individuals or groups (or to a lesser extent, praise them). In this way it can be said that it's roughly in line with the time honored ZZT community ethos.

ZUltimate was founded by Moonpie, a ZZTer. He started it on his home computer and hosted the wiki from his cable connection. A little while later, his IP changed. After talking to burstroc, it was decided that the downtime could be used as an opportunity to transfer ZU to its current home, under burstroc's account on Belsambar.net.

After some bickering over manufactured quotes on ircman, burstroc pulled ZU and ircman. Shortly afterward, they got moved to the z2 account.

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