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The correct title of this article is asie'school. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

Author asiekierka
Company ASCorp
Release Date 2006, at various dates
Genre Videos
Download No link available.

asie'school is a set of short videos created in MegaZeux by asiekierka.

It is actually discontinued...


The story is generally random, and seems to be normally slapped together in a matter of minutes.

Episode names

asie'school 1: asiekierka don't likes school.
asie'school 2: lol, dreamworld.
asie'school 3: omg, world explosion.
asie'school 4: omg, world explosion part 2.
asie'school 5: omg, world explosion part 3.
---asie'school 6 was skipped, it's emo maggot FREAK 2.
asie'school 7: wtf, demon attack.
asie'school 8: wtf, demon attack part 2.
asie'school 9: Super-Speed(ish) maggot attack.
asie'school 10: asie is DYING!
asie'school 11: :O:D:O
asie'school 12 (This one has 2 titles):
- Where Compentium shows his mask!
- The Suckin' day

Title and credits history

In asie'school 1-4, title and credits music were various songs.
In asie'school 5-10, title was new, with use of sprites, and with the same music (Nu, Pogodi! intro).
In the credits asiekierka always used, except asie'school 9, where he used LEARNING.s3m.
asiekierka uses "Battle of the Planets" intro music for his new intro in asie'school 11+. Credits are unchanged.

Misc. info

asie'school (and asie himself) also got parodied by POOP ROAD >:( in World of asiekierka's Fantastic Journey to the school of Shoqat.