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Year Formed 2006
Year Disbanded 2006
Current Members asiekierka
Former Members Commander Pancake
osandra (joke member)

ASCorp was a group formed by asiekierka in 2006. Most of its projects were slapdash things put together by asiekierka, and asiekierka's games often featured bizarre combinations of senselessness and ESL. asiekierka in particular had a grudge against POOP ROAD >:(; all of his games released under ASCorp involve fighting against POOP ROAD >:( members. It was disbanded in 2006, after a month.

Asiekierka still uses the name "ASCorp" for his projects. He is also still teamed up with HyoChan, and can use 3 of Eagle's MODs.

Released Games


  • Notable for getting three musicians from #modarchive to give full rights to their music (uncleben, HyoChan and Eagle).
  • ASCorp has formed two threads in DMZX which were not well recieved. The first thread was locked to prevent further chaos.