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zzo38 is something of an enigma to the community. Nobody is quite sure if they are a real person or the alternative account of somebody else, and there doesn't seem to be any evidence pointing in either direction. Typical characteristics of "classic" zzo38 include horribly broken English such as "Old mesiges ar being crosed out."[1] and "I think I like the old un-frenly serch more beter." [2] and a general lack of effort in things that he does, though that seems to be quite a different story when looking at his more recent activities. (There is some speculation that the "classic" zzo38 may be a joke, a conspiracy, or a different person. But a few of the old stuff is still on the same web-site, so we cannot be exactly sure.)

zzo38 released several ZZT and MZX games, including Cooking Game, and Super ASCII MZX Town, and also a fork of MegaZeux with different features.

Recently[please specify], zzo has reappeared on the DigitalMZX forums with vastly improved grammar and an apparent fascination with Mahjong games and Forth codes.

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