Super ASCII MZX Town

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Super ASCII MZX Town
Author zzo38
Release Date 2009-2011
Download No link available.

Super ASCII MZX Town is a pure ASCII game made by zzo38. Part I uses normal MegaZeux, but Part II (and any subsequent sequels) requires PZX features, so you have to use the same forked version of MegaZeux that zzo38 wrote. These game are not the ordinary slider puzzle. It's different. Unlike other MegaZeux games, in this game you actually have to think about it. And remember also you might try for a high score when completing the game. You can try just to complete the game, or you can try to complete the game with a higher score.

Part I

You have to get all of the purple keys to reach the final level, where you will see BIG_MONSTER. You also need the keycards to teleport to a different place. This game also has a dark engine and a high-score system. And you get a lot of bonus points for conserved ammo/bombs/gems/health/etc. There is 91 boards in this game (including the title screen).

Part II

This game is the sequel to Part I. This one also has some platform game levels, and a better dark engine also. This game uses many Forth codes and Robotic codes. And there is magic keycards in this game. Again, you have to get all of the purple keys to reach the final level, where you will see BIG_MONSTER; but it is different this time!


These game have many criticism [citation needed]:

  • The sliders on the title screen are not real sliders.
  • Most of the levels have yellow borders.
  • There is no URL to download this game.
  • The scoring system is really bad.
  • In one level you have to go through a corridor of lava with a windy potion and then quickly retreat from danger.
  • Half of the levels in this game are impossible to complete.
  • You have to go through the water in the wrong direction; but this is, of course, impossible.
  • Killing enemies potions are good for you.
  • This game is bad because Hitler played it.
  • This game is for DOS computers only.
  • Some of the puzzles do not work correctly except on the author's computer.
  • Torches in Part I work correctly, while torches in Part II do not work correctly.
  • MagicGems are exactly like ZZT gems.
  • BIG_MONSTER is bad and you should kill them, please.
  • The award of completing this game is torture.

The author would like to assure you that all of these statements are incorrect; but the administration of Digital MZX assures the readers of this page that these statements are in fact correct, and that the author of this game is either lying or making a mistake, or that we have not yet found the actual author of this game.


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