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Mark J. Cox's ModObj was the sound engine used in MegaZeux releases prior to 2.50.

Supported Formats

Bells, Whistles, and Sound Boards

Bells, Whistles, and Sound Boards (BWSB) is a DOS-based sound library that was popular throughout the demoscene in the mid-1990s. It was programmed by Zilym Limms and supports a small variety of sound cards such as Sound Blaster and Gravis UltraSound.

BWSB was the sound library used for MegaZeux for all DOS releases from 2.50 onward (replacing ModObj). It was dropped in favor of ModPlug and MikMod (and eventually libxmp) for the SDL port.

Supported Formats

  • MOD (Protracker and some variants, via a MOD to GDM converter built into MegaZeux)
  • GDM (2GDM, a utility for converting MOD, S3M, 669, FAR, MED, MTM, STM, ULT to GDMs, was provided)
  • SAM (sound effects only)


libmodplug was the primary sound engine used in all port releases between 2.80 and 2.90, when it was replaced by libxmp as the default engine. It is still supported, but must be enabled with a compile-time option.

Supported Formats

The MegaZeux fork of libmodplug disables or ignores any formats not featured in this list.

MegaZeux builds with libmodplug originally supported GDM through conversion to S3M. This was eventually replaced by adding a proper GDM loader to libmodplug.


mikmod is an alternate sound engine available in port versions, and was the default sound engine for the GP2X port.

Supported Formats

MegaZeux support for MikMod ignores any formats not featured in this list.


libxmp is the current primary sound engine since MegaZeux 2.90b. It features wider format support than any other supported mod engine, though many loaders for extra formats and all of the depackers have been removed from MegaZeux's libxmp fork for consistency with the other engines (and to reduce the executable size).

Supported Formats

The MegaZeux fork of libxmp disables and/or ignores many format loaders not included in this list.

libxmp currently has no support for DSM.


MegaZeux has also optionally supported libopenmpt since 2.90b, though it has never been enabled by default and has not been forked into the MegaZeux project.