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Robotic is the scripting or programming language that is used within MegaZeux. It allows the Robots placed into a MegaZeux game by an MZXer to interact with each other and change the game environment around them in various ways. Using Robotic, MegaZeux can go far beyond its very basic gameplay style, incorporating sidescrolling or platforming styles of play, RPG-styled battles, pixel-precise environments, and even first-person viewpoints and roguelikes.

Robotic's first iterations (under the name Robo-P until MegaZeux 2.XX) were considerably more basic. Alexis Janson expanded Robotic heavily in the shareware days of MegaZeux to include many more counters, commands and features (including such fundamentals as palette editing, copy block, the "loopcount" counter, and the near-universal ability to insert a counter's value into any place in Robotic code). For a while after MegaZeux was released as an open-source program, Robotic's power increased very conservately; the biggest reason for this was that the source code for the Robotic editor was completely lost. Eventually Exophase, Akwende and others used kludges involving strings and newly added counters in MegaZeux to allow for Robots to handle things they had not been able to handle before. Examples of features added this way include sprites, file reading/writing, and mathematical expressions.

The space for new Robotic commands is limited through the world format, and is nearly full; as a result, there have been no new commands added despite Exophase completely re-writing the code for the Robotic editor, and will likely never be any new commands until the world format changes (which would be at MegaZeux 3.XX).