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Akwende was a very popular MZXer back at the turn of the century. He was notably very skilled at making graphics in MegaZeux and was one of the first to make great graphics with madbrain's SMZX hack.

In 1999 he founded a programming group called Square of Megazeux, where he worked on the project that he would become infamous for - Final Fantasy: Dynasty Prelude.

FF:DP was to be a full length RPG for MZX, and what was ever completed did look very good. But FF:DP was abandoned shortly after SoM's demise due to creative differences and, to a greater extent, Akwende's overpowering God complex.

Akwende later decided to make a name for himself by making an mzx release he titled after himself, MZXak, which came bundled with an SMZX version of Tetris.

Shortly afterwards, he left the community half way through development of MZXak 2.0, partially due to the fuss caused by his refusal to release MZXak's source code, but mostly from difficulty getting along with others.

Key quote: The fact I say I've one of the best, is called honesty.