Math: The Roguelike

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Math: The Roguelike
Author KKairos
Company Aevaze
Release Date March 14, 2010
Genre Roguelike
Download Vault link DMZX Archive]

Math: The Roguelike was a seven-day roguelike created in MegaZeux. Its main goal is to pass through the number-cave and fight numbergoblins in an attempt to recover Fermat's Other Last Theorem.


Its main mechanic is to use a set of four mostly mathematically or logically themed objects as player equipment. There are various weapons, each of which come with an explicitly stated dice-roll. The second piece of equipment is a damage function which acts on the resulting dice-roll as input to give output based on whatever rule it has, e.g. a dice-roll of 3 and the linear damage function y = x simply produces 3 again.

The last piece of equipment comes in the form of a two-part conditional. Whenever the "if" condition "p" is triggered, the "then" condition "q" results. This conditional could do things like heal the player or further modify the final damage.

While KKairos originally thought all the bugs had been cleared up in the second fix, it is likely based on an LP that was done by his request that the game's second fix is still capable of creating an unpassable floor, although how rare this is precisely is unknown.


The game was well-received by MegaZeuxers, though it received average ratings in the DigitalMZX vault. It also enjoyed a small but good reception from those in the roguelike community who played it.