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IP title.png
Author The Finnards
Company Interactive Fantasies
Release Date 2004
Genre Action/Adventure
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Idiopolis is a an action/adventure game made for the 12th Biannual 2004 New Year's DualStream DoZ by Galladin, Jauhis and Jester. The game is a simple adventure game with action elements. The objective is to interact with items/people until you reach the final boss. After the DoZ, Idiopolis was re-released with bug-fixes and minor changes.

The Story

The story takes place in a small town Idiopolis, the home town of the main character Reuban. One day he receives a letter from his friend telling him that the town's most holy artifact, The Disk of the Moron, has been stolen and is being used to make everyone in Idiopolis stupid. After hearing about these tragic evens, Reuban decides to take the next plane to Idiopolis and solve the mystery of the stolen artifact.



  • The main character, Reuban, is a reference to a character in Jagged Alliance called "Unusually Ruthless Reuban".