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Active Period 2000 to Present
Notable releases The Red Giant
Dragonbreed (Demo)
Vaporware ???
Companies Rune Creations
Interactive Fantasies

Galladin (a.k.a. Marcus), or Markus Ahola, is a Finnish Megazeuxer. He was introduced to the Megazeux program somewhere around in 1999-2000 by Jauhis, his friend, who was looking for a program to create his own games. They started to create their own games after downloading some of the most well known ones, and together with their friend Jester they found their own MZX company called Rune Creations.

Galladin's first release was a demo version of one of his early games called "Dungeons of Kalborn", the only release bearing the Rune Creations logo.

He had a long list of ongoing / unfinished / started MZX games, which never got released. He collaborated with the other Finnards in various MZX related competitions, winning 1 Day of Zeux and 1 Week of Zeux.

Galladin joined the Interactive Fantasies in 2003, and released unfinished versions of his games, such as "The Good, the Bad and the Undead" - a sidescrolling shooter set in an undead Wild West, "Slayer: Raining Blood" - another sidescrolling shooter with a futuristic theme, and the demo of Dragonbreed - his most well known project so far, an adventure-action game with real-time battles.

Galladin still continues to mess around with Megazeux, and his current main project is called Devil's Mind, an adventure/detective game with a fully mouse-based interface.