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Drop Series
Drop 3.png
Author Goshi
Company Sun Fundamentals before it was dropped
Release Date Drop 1 and 2: April 2001, Drop 3: February 2004, Drop 4: Not complete.
Genre Platformer
Download No link available.


The Drop series were created by Goshi during his first appearance at DMZX in April 2001. Drop 3 was anticipated quite highly however Goshi kept on delaying. When released however it was below current standards and was rendered to be repetitive.


Drop The hero of the game. He travels to stop Plasma Drop and Cycloglob from doing evil deeds.

Slimey The typical hero's helper similar to Luigi or Tails. Slimey is the only Powboomian who does not agree to Plasma Drop's desires and goes against him. In Drop 1 he helped Drop escape the Powboomian dimension and in Drop 2 he only made a minor appearance. In Drop 3 he takes Drop back to a certain point in the stage. In Drop 4, Slimey is a playable character.

Drip Drop A friend of Drop. In Drop 1 in the "Drop 4 - Drop Complete" version he was the one selling the Magic Crystal. In Drop 3 he would activate the BBQ to burn the Glob Saga comics. He doesn't appear in Drop 2. In Drop 4 he was originally playable but the idea was ditched.

Globby One of Cycloglob's highest generals in command. In Drop 3 he is the final boss. In Drop 4 he is a playable character. Globby does not appear in Drop 1 and 2.

Piney An evil pineapple creature who works for Plasma Drop. He attacks by lobbing bombs. In Drop 1 he was the final boss. In Drop 2 he disguised himself as a mysterious person to help Drop. In Drop 3 he was the first boss and in Drop 4 he is agian the first boss. In Drop 4 he was originally playable but the idea was ditched.

Plasma Drop The main villian of both Drop 1 and 2. The ruler of Powboom. He plans on ruling all the dimensions with the help of Cycloglob. In Drop 3 he was the second boss and was somewhat popular. His role in Drop 4 has not been decided yet.

Erupt A larger version of the Volcano enemies found in Drop 3 and 4. Another one of the more popular bosses at the time of Drop 3's release. He attacks by shooting various types of fireballs. He does not appear in Drop 1 and 2.

Magical Glob A magician who is one of Cycloglob's most trusted men. He attacks using various magic attacks. He only appears in Drop 3 and 4 as a boss.

Powey and Boomey Two members of the gaurdians of Powboom. They were sent by Plasma Drop to stop Drop from reaching Plasma Drop. They only appear in Drop 3 and 4.

Dancey Dancey as his name suggests attacks by dancing. He is also one of the Powboomian gaurdians. He only appears in Drop 3 and 4.

Cycloglob The main villian. A glob with only one eye, he rules the entire empire. He tried to build his army in Drop 3 using evil comic books. He does not appear in Drop 1 and 2.

Aqua Drop's rival. He only appears in Drop 4.

Alpha The big cheese, the head honcho, the kaiser, the lord of the empire, the phantom menace and so forth. The main villian of Drop 4, he tries to rule all dimensions.

Plot Summary

Drop 1 - Legend of Magic

A mysterious crystal of a sort has landed on Drop's planet. Drop wishes to find out what it is however a person won't let him have unless he has 10 coins. After Drop collects them, Drop is then warped into a mysterious dimension known as Powboom. There he meets Piney and Slimey and finds out the intentions of Plasma Drop.

Drop 2 - Plasma Drop's Revenge

After escaping from the Powboom dimension, Plasma Drop vows to get his revenge on what Drop did to Piney. He sends to the Powboomian army to raid Drop's planet and warps Plasma Pyramid in Drop's planet. Drop decides to go and stop Plasma Drop and meets a mysterious person on the way. It is soon revealed that he is actually Piney trying to spy on Drop. Drop then travels a long adventure until he finally reaches Mystery Desert where Plasma Pyramid lies. Entering it he blows up the central computer of the building and destroys it. However Plasma Drop escaped to his satellite Plasma Star. Drop pursues him and finds Piney at the end. After Piney is defeated again Drp finds out how to enter Plasmatoa, Plasma Drop's secret base. There Drop and Plasma Drop finally fight and Plasma Drop is finally defeated.

Drop 3 - Glob Saga

It then revealed the Cycloglob is the one charge of the destruction of Drop's planet. Because of the drop of troops in his army, Cycloglob decides to create evil comic books called "Glob Saga" to control people and get them to join his army. Drop decides to stop him and burns all the comic books. At Cycloglob Core he meets Globby, Cycloglob's most trusted ally. They fight but afterwards Cycloglob escapes.

Drop 4 - Drop Complete

The project is currently not released.


  • Originally Plasma Pyramid was called Powboom and the dimension that the Powboomians lived in had no name. This was changed in Drop 3 however there was little evidence of it.
  • Originally in Drop 3 you were supposed to battle Cycloglob however this was dropped due to the number of bugs the battle had. And the general unfairness of it.
  • Each area in Drop 3 was supposed to have 3 levels in it each but it was taking too long so Goshi dropped it to only 1 level.
  • The platformer engine in Drop 1 and 2 was stolen from the MZX Encyclopedia. In Drop 3 though, Goshi tried to make his own but it didn't turn out well.
  • A Drop 5 was originally planned but the idea was dropped.
  • Drop 4 used to have Mega Man styled gameplay however the idea was dropped.
  • Most enemy and character ideas are based of that of the Kirby games.
  • Slimey originally came from Sparker's Insane World series but it was decided he suited to the Drop series better.