Detroit: Crack City

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Detroit: Crack City
Author ThDPro/TheJMan
Company Thoughdoo Productions
Release Date August 31, 2008
Genre Adult, Action, Adventure, Casual
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Your father is a crack addict, and one day when he needs more crack, he kills his wife to raid her pockets, after which he takes off to Detroit to become a drug lord. You, a young kid, follow him in the hope that you will avenge your mother, but you end up becoming a crack lord yourself. This game includes language, prostitutes, prisons, rape, drug use, pretty much everything it needs to be as raunchy as possible.

"...the narrative is terrible, fantastical even for a comedy-themed casual MegaZeux game. In many cases, the dialogue is basically exposition. It really struck me how bad it was when I got to the part where the player obtains sexual favors from a prostitute by paying her with a lit cigarette he found on the pavement." - Maxim