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Battlesuits Demo 2 v1.0
Author Gemini
Company Odyssey
Release Date 2001
Genre RPG
Download DMZX Archive

BattleSuits Demo 2 v1.0 was a demo of an RPG which was being made by Gemini in MZX at the time of its release, back in 2001. Gemini had designed BattleSuits to run on MZX 2.51 or higher, with no change in plans even after the Spider versions were made available. The significance of this is the difference between 50 available counters in 2.51 and 1000 available counters in 2.51sX. Due to an unforeseen disaster, Gemini lost his project and did not see fit to essentially restart it.

While the battles are one-on-one, which is often considered bad for MegaZeux RPGs, the demo features a fairly extensive battle system and well-done illustrations of enemies, which are all seen from the perspective of the main character. There were numerous options in battle, including basic attacks, many purchasable spells, and items.

The game's plot, due to its incompleteness, is not fully known; however, in the demo we see glimpses of a potential rising evil.