Anarchist Creations

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Anarchist Creations
Ac title.png
Author Kuddy (1998-2008)
Anerki (1998-2001)
Trev-MUN (2002-2007)
Company Pinnacle Entertainment (original)
Release Date Canceled
Genre RPG
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Anarchist Creations was an RPG first being worked on by Kuddy and Anerki, and later just by Kuddy. It was based on Anerki's stories of the same title being posted on America Online's Mog's Realm roleplaying forum. The first version of the game, which was started on Christmas of 1998, took place in and around Mog's Realm, but later versions produced by Kuddy took place in and around the MZX community and other facets of the internet. Anerki abandoned the project in early 2001, but Kuddy continued to work on it on and off, completely rebooting the project and plot several times, until finally scrapping it for good in 2008.

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