Pinnacle Entertainment

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Pinnacle Entertainment
Year Formed 1997
Year Disbanded 2001
Current Members
Former Members ChryoZach

Pinnacle Entertainment, formerly known as Xero Gravity, was a MZX company started by ChryoZach sometime in 1997, which gradually faded out until officially disbanding in 2001. Various projects were started under its banner, but none ever saw the light of release.


  • Anarchist Creations
    • An RPG by Kuddy and Anerki, based on Anerki's stories of the same name. After Pinnacle disbanded, Kuddy continued work on the project on and off until 2008, when it was finally scrapped.
  • Arena IX
    • The ninth entry in DGMascaro's poorly received Arena series of games. It was to present a drastic improvement in quality over the previous installments, but the actual MZX game was barely started.
  • Black Cat Crusade
    • An action/adventure game by ChryoZach.
  • Me & My Gumballz
    • A multi-genre comedy game by Anerki.
  • Slippy
    • A puzzle game by ChryoZach, based on the TI calculator game of the same name.
  • Winds of Decay
    • An RPG by Kuddy which never really got off the ground.