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Author craNKGod
Company Interactive Fantasies
Release Date 1997
Genre Sidescroller
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Adlo is a sidescrolling game released in the time of MegaZeux 2.51s3.1. You play Adlo, a man who has received a letter of supposed forgiveness from a Scotsman named Xyzphylplytz whom he used to tease in Kindergarten for being Scottish. In your travels you meet many different people, including a few ZZTers who serve as bosses, and craNKGod, the creator of the game.

In Adlo many of the standard sidescrolling conventions are in use--jumping on enemies' heads, for example, automatically scrolling stages, collection of randomly airborne goodies, and others. You can also get bombs which can be thrown at your enemies or used to blow open cracks in the wall, revealing small secret stages.

Gold, Silver and Bronze Ampersands can be found in each level. Finding all three in every single level unlocks a special surprise, but to do so you have to do many different tasks, many of are difficult to pull off. There are the secret stages as well, all set on the secret island of Sri Lanka.

After finishing a level, you participate in a minigame, which is usually if not always populated with members of the ZZT community.


craNKGod, with a bit of help from ScarJT, wrote the S3Ms that were used in Adlo. (Popcorn '98 was seemingly adapted from another song.)