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Requires MegaZeux 2.51s2 to 2.61 or newer.
Adlo is a side scroller, programmed by me, craNKGod. It features two playable characters (later on), and many diverse levels crammed into 90 boards, with many secrets in each. The game counts your progress as you go along, so find everything you can! You don't have to find everything the first time through, however; it takes many players an average of three to four tries on most levels to even get through! Yes, Adlo is a very tough side scroller, but the secrets in the game do help you out. Try looking for weird-looking walls (like the cliff just to the right of the first Bomb in Dandy Desert..)! Practice is the key! If you are still having trouble, as jasticE, THE (:P) beta tester, found out, the Speed is basically the difficulty (F2)!

The plot: Adlo Sanchez, a Mexican, and Xyzphylplytz, a Scottish foreign exchange student to Mexico, have known each other for a long time. .. but not in a good way. You see, Adlo and other Mexicans tormented Xyzphylplytz since Kindergarten because of his accent, name, and above all else, color. Xyzphylplytz never forgot about this, and awaited the day of graduation...

Xyzphylplytz, graduating first out of a class of three million, spent every waking moment from graduation until now plotting a plan of revenge. When is NOW, exactly? Eighteen years after graduation! Xyzphylplytz evilly sends out an envelope to our hero! A bomb? No, something much more devious. An invitation to a party! Why a party? Xyzphylplytz plans to ambush Adlo along the way!

Soon heading out to the "party," Adlo sees some strange sights.. among these are pitfalls that seem to plummet about 100 feet down, and weird animals springing up from nowhere. Where has this disturbance come from? Of course, someone has stolen the Fire and Water Crystals. The very things, the exact opposites, which help balance, well, everything.

Very near into the journey, Adlo discovers that Xyzphylplytz has indeed planned this ambush! But is he working alone? How could Xyzphylplytz have so much power.. all by himself? Has HE stolen the Fire and Water Crystals? Not bloody likely. Play the game!
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It is pretty cool. However, a lot of the levels are way too hard. Some of the graphics are really cool but some of the color choices don't look so good together.
Superfunk  said:
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I agree with Seventh Shade. This game was extremely frustrating in several parts. The second and fourth bosses took me a WHILE! Though, I'm still going through the game, so I don't have too much to say. Though, I must admit, this is pretty impressive for a really early version of MegaZeux; MZX 2.51s3.1, made in 1997. And the music is impressive as well.
Razerboy  said:
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This game is an instant classic. Although it does have its flaws (like Seventh Shade said), it still stands up really well. I must agree though, it is a tad too hard, but it's definitely the best platformer I've ever seen for MZX.
Goshi  said:
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Adlo is a side scroller rendered by many as a MZX classic, it has one the Bronze Amperstand award in the MZXEA for instance. The game features platforming gameplay and tries to emulate elements from classic SNES platformers such as SMW's world map and tyhe changing the water to be cool enough to swim in like in DKC2. TYhe graphics are not perfect actually the graphics are quite messy and sometimes confusing to look at or hard to tell what is what. The music is okay really, I wasn't exactly keen about the music as the others, the sound effects are nice, it lovely listeing to the dramatic chord when you encounter a boss. The difficulty of this game is quite high however, higher than most MZX games around. The second level is a huge step up in difficulty compared to the first, the game will frustrate you for awhile. The bosses are quite challenging too, the first boss is quite difficult and can give you trouble, the second boss is also a pain, the game is like MZX's Ninja Gaiden. It is hard as hell, get use to it. Otherwise the game is really good and should be a must have, it proves to most people that game does not need top notch graphics and music to actually be fun and decent. The fact that it was made with older versions of MZX gives it bonus points too. The game pretty much shows you exactly why it got the Bronze Amperstand award and shows its potential to even win the Gold Amperstand.