MegaZeux worlds and external programs that aid in game development or in other MZX-related things. Note that some utilities here have been superceded by MegaZeux features or are now included with MegaZeux.

Name Author Released Rating DLs 
.UBS ViewerVacek 2023-10-05No reviews.10
SFX Tracker (ver. 1.1.0)Lachesis 2022-02-02No reviews.155
Fate Card (ver. 1.2)Verasev 2021-07-28No reviews.73
Engine: The Second Attack FAQdjtiesto 2021-01-15No reviews.58
Sprite Maker ZX (ver. 1.2)Verasev 2020-03-27No reviews.92
Joymap (ver. 1.1)Lachesis 2018-09-11No reviews.80
Farbfeld/MZM Utilitieszzo38 2017-11-18No reviews.52
Palette Editorzzo38 2015-07-04No reviews.66
SMZX 2 PalChar Edit (ver. 1.1)Why-Fi 2015-04-03No reviews.71
ccv - character converter (ver. 0.073)Dr Lancer-X 2013-02-07 175
CharCon 32-bit (ver. 2.2)Jolyon Bloomfield / Insidious2013-02-07No reviews.96
SMZXDraw (ver. 0.02b)darkhog 2012-11-24No reviews.49
LayerEdit (ver. 1.4b)Lachesis 2012-06-19No reviews.110
ZZT World Viewer (ver. 1.2a)Kuddy 2012-04-15 172
SMZX EDITORNedemai 2006-10-04No reviews.59
Joystick/Gamepad Mapper/Testerapage43 2004-12-20No reviews.83
Palzor IILogiCow 2004-10-19No reviews.68
PalzorLogiCow 2004-10-01No reviews.60
PNG2SMZXapage43 2004-08-16No reviews.86
ZZT to MegaZeux convertormikawo 2003-08-22 233
SMZX PaintLogiCow 2003-01-13No reviews.89
WAV-SAM ConverterNanobot 2002-09-22 265
Name Generatorskyeblade 2001-01-06 58
Viewport SpawnerEon Entertainment1999-01-20 43
Robot C (ver. 1.2)zzfreak1998-07-23No reviews.68
Get Passwordtromdage 1998-02-28 72
Stargazer's Character EditorStargazer1997-11-28No reviews.59
MegaZeux Decrypt (ver. 2.0)Scott Robinson1996-10-01No reviews.61
Autoscroll v1.0CapnKev1996-09-25No reviews.75
MegaZeux Report Generator (ver. 1.01)tromdage 1996-08-31No reviews.41
Screen ThiefJim Hoggarth1993-03-27 69
CVT2SAM (ver. 3.01)Jim Dahl1993-03-07No reviews.69
ANSI Converter (ver. 2.2)Jim Matczak1991-01-25No reviews.88
Char Works 3Akwende  No reviews.70
Zeux Sound Engineapage43   63
SFX's for MegaZeuxJolyon Bloomfield  54
PCX2CHR v2.1 Beta 1ASTeRiCK No reviews.67
Palette Command v1.0Akwende   59
MegaZeux SuperCheatDarkRaichu  59
MegaHackCapnKev  67
Game SenseiEon Entertainment  66
FadesJolyon Bloomfield No reviews.60
Char Extractor Version 1Pyro1588  No reviews.64
CharConJolyon Bloomfield  135
2Rob Utilitieszixyer   61