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Weirdness Chapter One
Author Alexis Janson
Company Software Visions
Release Date Early 1996
Genre Inventory
Download No link available.
Weirdness SE Chapter One
Author Duhreetoh
Company Autumn Dreams
Release Date 1999
Genre Inventory
Download No link available.

Weirdness is unquestionably one of the most influential MegaZeux games of all time. Released in a time when most MegaZeux games were adventure games which deviated little from the defaults, Weirdness was the opposite, showing several then-new gameplay engines. Weirdness is an inventory game, and most gameplay consists of picking up and interacting with items through an inventory; some other engines include a simple 3D maze, a gate manipulation puzzle and a yo-yo weapon engine. Due to its relative complexity, Weirdness caused the expectations of MegaZeux games to dramatically shift.

Weirdness's storyline consists of Jace Nyglus getting behind the secret of the meteorite which landed next to his house. The game series was to continue for 10 games, but only the first (and bits of the second) were made before Janson left the community. Duhreetoh remade the first game, and was expected to make the rest of the games based on Janson's planned storyline (given to Duhreetoh by Yapok Jr.), but nothing futher was done.