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The MZX Roadblitz was the last large MegaZeux saga, started in August 2001 by Terryn and Omega. Its last installment was posted in April 2002. The plot revolved around two teams travelling across North America and completing MegaZeux-based challenges in order to:

*Meet GReg JAnson
*Receive a copy of MZX1.00g
*Receive 25% off of all Surge for life.

After each challenge, the teams had to recruit an extra member. These extra members were never pre-registered; they had to be found and coerced (or dragged) in.

Terryn and Omega alternated chapters until chapter 6; delays on Omega's part caused that chapter to be half-done by Omega, half by Terryn. The series ended eight chapters in out of a planned ten; Omega was supposed to do chapter 9, but had put it off for months. By the time Terryn figured she wouldn't get around to making it, he tried his hand at it and eventually gave Wervyn guest author rights. Unfortunately, Wervyn also felt unmotivated to write the chapter and the saga died there. Plans to make a comic form of the Roadblitz (taken up by Diamond and Apollyon/Stephi-chan) similarly fell through.

Other versions outside of the original textfile exist: Wervyn released a cleaned-up version of the RoadBlitz in .doc format and Terryn released an annotated version.

Terryn regrets most of what he wrote in the RoadBlitz, finding it amateurish.

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