The Accidental Death

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The Accidental Death, Old-Sckool's second entry in the DoZ competition, is a basic 1x1 platformer starring Old-Sckool himself.


While eating a seemingly harmless bag of pretzels, Old-Sckool accidentally consumes a lethal amount of air freshener liquid and dies. In order to return to the living, he must follow God's command to beat Satan at his own game. The game takes place in a total of 3 levels in which you have to collect a red coin to advance, and a final level where you have to complete the platforming sequence within the time limit. Within the first 3 levels you can collect a jetpack and an umbrella which allow you to reach platforms that you couldn't before. The Jetpack boosts you straight up to reach high up places, while the umbrella lets you slowly float to the ground, allowing you to cover vast distances. Also, since you're dead, you can't die (thus getting a game over).


Hours before the competition, Old-Sckool was returning home from summer school when he consumed the combination air freshiner liquid and pretzels, which became the plot of the game. The first hours of the game's development were devoted to developing the platforming engine, along with the umbrella/jetpack items. Development was halted to the next day when the family went out to celebrate a late fourth of July fireworks show. With the main platforming engines set up, the first and last boards were created first, before adding in the three other levels.