Team of One

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Team of One
Year Formed 2001
Year Disbanded 2005 (ish)
Current Members ONE MAN, ONE LEGEND
Former Members Revvy

Team of One was an MZX programming group originally formed by Revvy early in 2001. Members came and never officially went, but the only recognised releases were The Revvy Who Stole Christmas and xxxx: i am vinn diesel, and an assortment of small engines bearing the text "(c) 200x Team of One." Lancer-X of TimeZone and Revvy attempted to release a conjoined showcase of TimeZone and Team of One projects, but it never materialized. Likewise, Apollyon, ShloobeR and Revvy worked intensively on a New Year's Special entitled New Year's Fever, but which never was completed over the course of three years. Team of One quietly dissolved during the Great Group Revulsion of 2005, when everyone came to their senses and realized that "companies" were actually pretty useless.