Spirit Quest

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Spirit Quest
Author User:ThDPro
Company Thoughdoo Productions
Release Date July 17, 2012
Genre Fantasy JRPG
Download DMZX Archive

This game was initially a Day of Zeux Submission, but game breaking bugs plagued it. With the loads more time that was not available durring competition, the game now features a completely gutted and reworked battle engine, completely reworked leveling system, completely new turn calculator, all stats significantly more balanced, added gameplay workflow, updated graphics, sound effects, TWO possible endings and an Autosave system to keep the pace.

This game was made with extensive use of the pc speaker effects.

Screenshot of Spirit Quest gameplay


F1          - HELP Menu
Directional - Move (octagonal)
Enter       - Open Menu to equip items
Q           - Toggle Equipped Weapon
TAB         - 3 way toggle between types of spirits (always equips highest rated spirit for any Element)

Left / A  - Select Elemental attack
Right / D - Select Physical Attack
Down / S  - Attempt Run
Up / W    - Attack with selected attack

NOTE- All stats have a maximum of 10 but They can be boosted by equiping.

	-Stregth levels according to total damage dealt by PHYSICAL ATTACKS ONLY. 
This stat determines you TOTAL HEALTH and ATTACK stat, which affects all 
damage-dealing stats, including of course, Elemental Attacks.

	-Speed levels when you sucessfully run away from something, but is only 
included in leveling up if what ysou ran away from has a speed GREATER THAN OR 
EQUAL YOUR OWN SPEED. Speed determines how easy it is to run away and the 
liklihood that you will ATTACK FIRST or MULTIPLE TIMES IN A ROW in a battle.

	Your base stats in these groups level given total amount of damage dealt
 by each element. Spirits act as MULTIPLIERS to this stat. Your elemental attack 
is also relative to your base attack stat given STRENGTH, so you'll want to 
level both your Elements and your Strength

-Always choose a hard-counter element before a battle (Earth hurts Water, Water 
Hurts Fire, Fire hurts Earth, just as Earth resists Water, Water resists Fire, 
and Fire Resists Earth) You can toggle elements of your highest-stat Spirits 
using TAB

-Find ways to build up speed stats, it takes getting your MAX HP up by building 
strength first, but when you can withstand to take more hits, you can try to 
run more.

-Some enemies aren't effected by Physical attacks, just as some aren't effected 
by Elemental attacks. Be wary of what Weapon your carrying. (The Speed Staff 
is dangerous in this regard.)

-There are 10 Spirits to collect in this game. Only TWO are obligitory. Try to 
find all of them, or suffer the worse ending

Programming, Graphics, Music, Sound, Story 
Beta Testing:
Special Thanks:
	The Summer 2012 DoZ Judges
	MZXGiant for the MZX Image Resampler