Silence In The Theater

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Silence In The Theater
Author ThDPro
Company Thoughdoo Productions
Release Date August 3, 2012
Genre Action, Casual, Puzzle, Platformer
Download DMZX Archive

Made in under a week, this game featured a different style for each segment, the idea being that you are playing the roll of an action hero in the worlds worst action movie. The game featured an engine for each different gameplay board. The result of this was that not a single one of the nine engines was fleshed out enough to build a game.

Some of the engines include:

  • Sneak engine
  • Dramatic Scream-O-Meter
  • Run Away from Explosion
  • Endless Ammo Particle Machine Gun

Like the kind of movie the game made parody of, SITT had a tagline:

"People that talk in the theater should be punished."