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. . . silence
Author WildWeasel
Company N/A
Release Date 2005
Genre Adventure/Proof of Concept
Download No link available.

Silence, by WildWeasel, is a high-concept adventure game that was created in the space of a single day (though it was not a part of any Day of Zeux contest). The game was released to the DigitalMZX forums in late 2005.

In early 2007, WildWeasel released a "revised" edition of the game that added audio commentary, with the intention that Silence be the first MZX game to have an audio commentary track.


Silence's interface presents the player with a picture of a keyboard. Certain keys on the keyboard will light up, which tells the player what to do next.

The concept of Silence dictates that there are no graphics whatsoever, and no text outside of some occasional descriptive text that informs the player what has happened. In place of graphics, Silence utilizes sounds of all kinds.

The end of the game features the voice of WildWeasel, informing the player that the end of the game has been reached, in addition to apologizing for the extremely short length.

WildWeasel has occasionally spoken of making a spiritual sequel to Silence, entitled Second Silence, but little exists of the game outside of a limited interface demonstration.