MZX Combat Trainer

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MZX Combat Trainer
Author Inmate2993
Company Arctic Fusion
Release Date 2000
Genre Action
Download No link available.

MZX Combat Trainer is an action-shooter game by Inmate2993, along with contributions from many other members of Arctic Fusion, released under the same. It is a remake of a much older MZX game called Shoot 'Em - this game is included in the same archive file.


MZX Combat Trainer plays much like any other MZX action shooter. The player must fight monsters such as runners, snakes, bears, and eyes; while picking up gems, coins, ammo, and energizers. The player can select from one of 18 pre-constructed levels, each with its own secret trigger. After specifying a difficulty level and selecting an arena, the game randomly places enemies and items throughout the map. The player may leave the map at any time, whether all the enemies have been defeated or not.


There are 18 maps in the game, many based on a previous MZX work. For example, there are maps based on Sivion, Bernard the Bard, Caverns of Zeux, and Funky Chunky Monkey, among other things such as ZZT. Most of the others have some sort of central theme or concept, such as Wervyn's Duct Hunting or ]v[aRSHMaLLo's Bat Still In Hell.


In addition to high score totals, the game awards special achievement medals for various accomplishments, such as finding all 20 secret triggers in the various levels, or surviving an entire level on the hardest difficulty settings possible. Medals cannot be obtained on lower difficulty levels (or if you modify the randomizer settings at all).