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Author ThDPro
Company Thoughdoo Productions
Release Date May 5, 2012
Genre Puzzle, Concept
Download DMZX Archive

After inventing the first Time Machine, you meet yourself from two minutes in the future, who tells you something terrible will happen in two minutes and the time machine is the only thing that can stop it. Puzzle based, features a time travel engine which logs the players movements so that you see where your were at any given moment in the past... Hard to explain... Reception for this game was quick to be positive.

LCT-1.jpg LCT-2.jpg

The original release was wildly buggy. This is taken from the version log:

v2.0 notes 
-busyloop/cycle end problems fixed 

v2.1 notes 
-Fixed issues caused by savegame and ROBOT_ID 

v2.2 notes 
-Fixed issues introduced in v2.1 
-Fixed issues cause by savegame fixes 
-all ROBOT_ID counters purged 
-savegame breaks nothing 
-DATA directory files now per-game specific 
-spelling errors 
-Music player now switches tracks at the end of an OGG 
-keyenter status no longer displays when player locked