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Author Inmate2993
Company N/A
Release Date September 2000
Genre N/A
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Insanifest is an MZX game by Inmate2993 that could be considered a spiritual successor to Cans. While not a direct sequel, Insanifest continued the style of humor contained within Cans, awarding points to the player for various conditions like killing things, causing explosions, or tracking blood across an entire room.

The game centers around Zeek, an average person who wields an avocado launcher and eventually learns that he can control the Zeuxstream.

One of Insanifest's defining features is the ability to earn points. The game awards points for things - some obvious, some not so obvious. (I can't remember if points really affected anything. -ww)

Inmate was once working on a sequel to Insanifest. All that was ever released of it was the soundtrack, in Commodore 64-style synth. This seems to have disappeared with the demise of the original Planet Badness.