Drastic Crusade

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Drastic Crusade
DC title.png
Author The Finnards
Company None
Release Date 2002
Genre Adventure / Hack n' Slash
Download No link available.

Drastic Crusade was an entry in the Zeuxworld's First Annual Week of Zeux 2002 with the theme of "Afterlife"; it received first place. The game took place in a dark fantasy setting; the main character Derek intended on discovering why souls were not crossing over to the spectral plane.

The gameplay is mostly MegaZeux-style sword-slashing, with a puzzle element or two.

In-game screenshot

DC ingame.png


Fighting in Drastic Crusade can be challenging. Hitting the enemies requires a "to hit roll". However when the enemy attacks, it doesn't require a "to hit roll". This leads to a frustrating problem where the player misses most of the time while the enemies do a successful hit every time.