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Darkness is a series of comedy MZX games by Emmzee that are notable for using an almost 100% ASCII character set for a more traditional ZZT-style feel. Darkness, unlike some other MZX comedy games, relied more on pop culture humor and senseless violence than other games' reliance on cameos and community in-jokes.

Emmzee was, at some point, working on Darkness 2 - however, halfway through development, the game was passed off to Ibrahim, a decision which the community at large feels makes Darkness 2 far inferior to its predecessor.

A third Darkness game entitled Mini-Darkness was supposed to be released under Autumn Dreams along with another, larger game; plans ultimately fell through and Mini-Darkness was released as a stand-alone game.

Finally, Darkness 3 was under development with both Emmzee and Monthigos. The game was never finished and thought lost to the mists of time, but in an unexpected move, Emmzee returned to the community for the sole purpose of releasing the last known build of the game, dating back to around 1999.


Darkness has since made reference to, or been referenced by, other popular MZX games.

  • In Honor Quest 2 Chapter 1, one of the robots that controls the end-game sequence is named Bobo, after a character from the series. This is made clearer by looking at the first line of the robot, which quotes Bobo's catch-phrase verbatim.
  • Barkness, most often associated with CANS but mentioned in other games too, originated with Scott Hammack's famous (and possibly apocryphal) quote, "Darkness Schmarkness go to Barkness". Barkness was also its own game (citation needed).