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Author KKairos
Company AuroraSoft
Release Date 2001
Genre Puzzle
Download DMZX Archive

Completion! was a puzzle game released by KKairos in which the object is to drop a red, blue or purple square onto a square of the same color. When this happened, all squares of said color adjacent to the dropped square would be eliminated from the game.

The game featured a single-player mode in which the player attempted to clear eleven semi-random stages in a gradually smaller amount of time, and a rudimentary two-player mode in which two players would race to see who cleared their screen faster. MegaZeux did not at the time of Completion!'s release have the proper keyboard detection for a proper two-player mode, so the :key* labels were used instead.

There are several bugs present, including: the start board being the title screen, the game over timer does nothing, and there is no official announcement of a winner in two-player mode.