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How do we want to handle games that are getting linked to but which never actually got finished, and probably never will (such as LogiCow's "Dinosaur"?) I'm not sure where to go. I think there's a line between something like Dinosaur that pretty much didn't see the light of day (although I thought I recalled a small amount of material being release) and something like BattleSuits that, though it wasn't finished, did have a substantial demo. But where do we draw that line, exactly; should we have a separate category for unfinished projects?

I suggest that in order to have an article in the MZXwiki the game has to have some proof of existing. Screenshots do not qualify as proof IMO. If Dinosaur had some amount of material released then it would deserve an article. Same with Battlesuits. I also think that we should have an article of "Unfinished projects" where projects with proof, like Anarchist Creations, Zog The Hunter 2 etc, would be put. Games like Steel Cell, Metal Rear Solid Ocean Orca etc. do not IMO deserve any kind of article, since there has never been any proof of them. What do you think? -Jester