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CHILD is the protagonist of SPECIAL QUEST!, as well as its non-canonical precursors, STUPID QUEST and STUPIDER QUEST, all of which were released by Kuddy under his GOD OF STUPIDITY alias.



CHILD's first appearance was in the game STUPID QUEST, where he is introduced as a "kid with no name" on the title board. Though it is advertised that "he gets to kill stuff for no reason", the actual game involves going through six trials, followed by a battle with a huge gelatinous mass. Though the gelatinous mass freezes CHILD in place, he is still able to defeat it by engaging it in a staring contest. This damages its eyes, and also kills it, since its eyes were its weak point.

In the sequel, STUPIDER QUEST, CHILD ventures through dangerous territory to reach the villain, WTF, and put an end to his heinous crimes. Along the way, he travels through a forest, cave, and bridge, doing battle with a giant red and black slime named BIG RED and a troll, before reaching WTF's lair. After WTF is defeated, he retreats and changes into his true form, a gigantic purple monstrosity named BIZARROWTF. Depending on whether or not the player grabbed the sauerkraut hidden behind the wall in WTF's lair, CHILD is either swallowed whole by BIZARROWTF, or is spit out and engages him in battle. Winning this battle terminates WTF and restores peace to the land.


SPECIAL QUEST! is a remake of STUPIDER QUEST, and as such, features many of the same locales and battles. The differences include a disembodied voice named DARYL PUSHUP who spouts unintelligible comments during dialogue, a "battle" with FAT KID, who gets stuck in a narrow passageway and needs to be forced out by CHILD in order to advance, and an expansion to WTF's lair, concluding with a completely dark room wherein WTF is now seated. Since the hidden sauerkraut was removed, BIZARROWTF no longer attempts to swallow CHILD whole (though he alludes to it), and simply engages him in battle instead. After being defeated, BIZARROWTF sends CHILD through a portal, swapping his position with that of Nancy Breakfast in his home dimension. In this new locale, it is revealed that DARYL PUSHUP was the cave Nancy was intending to enter, and the two go out for chicken fajitas to celebrate CHILD's victory over WTF. The true connection between the two remains unknown.