Zeux I: Labyrinth of Zeux

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Zeux I: Labyrinth of Zeux
Labyrinth of zeux.png
Author Lachesis, GreaseMonkey (music), nooodl (music), CJA (music), ThDPro (music), Alexis (original)
Company Software Visions, Labyrinth Team 2010
Release Date August 12th, 2011 (Original)

December 25th, 2011 (Gold)

November 15th, 2013 (Platinum)

Genre Puzzle, Action
Download DMZX Archive

Zeux I: Labyrinth of Zeux is a port of the similarly named DOS game released in 1993 by Alexis Janson under Software Visions, the first game in the Zeux series and the spiritual predecessor to MegaZeux. It features an entirely remade soundtrack based off of module samples from other music in the Zeux series as well as an optional world with the original soundtrack, as well as other new functionality to help make the gameplay easier, key mapping, joystick support, and proper support for user-created worlds, such as the level pack by Lachesis that was released with the Platinum version.


The playable character, Vince M. Louis, is a famous theologist who has uncovered and studied every mystical and religious item ever mentioned in legend, except one - the magical Silver Staff of Zeux. Going on rumors and legends alone, Vince enters the mystical Labrynth of Zeux...


Gameplay in Labyrinth of Zeux is similar to the gameplay of early MegaZeux platformers. Vince is moved with the arrow keys, jumps with the space bar or insert, and can lay bombs if the player presses delete.