Land Of Monsters

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Land of Monsters
Author Goshi
Company none
Release Date Part 1: January 22, 2003
Part 2: Not released
Genre Action
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Land of Monsters is a two-part game, but the second part remains unreleased. While the released segment is a fairly classic MZX action game, the unfinished sequel was going to add RPG elements.

Unfortunately, the game has several game-breaking bugs and design flaws.


  • Player: Simply called, the "Player". He is the hero of the game fighting monsters to stop Yolca and his evil deeds.
  • Rob: The typical hero's side kick. He helps by selling you items and giving you story info.
  • Burnis: One of Yolca's generals. He holds the element of fire. He betrays Yolca towards the end of the game.
  • Blizzos: One of Yolca's generals. He holds the element of ice. He and Aqualous always fight.
  • Sandon: One of Yolca's generals. He holds the element of earth. He is always tormented by the Player.
  • Aqualous: One of Yolca's generals. He holds the element of water. He and Blizzos always fight.
  • Yolca: Also known as the "King of Monsters" he is the main villain.


  • Yolca was originally named "King of Monsters," but it was decided he should get a name.
  • The first boss was once the Fake Key itself, but after it was moved into the Haunted House, Burnis took the spot.
  • The game is a remake of one of Goshi's Super ZZT projects. All the levels were redone except "Whirlpool Forest"
  • Sandon and Aqualous were not in the original game. Burnis and Blizzos were present, but their roles were minor.
  • The City of Monsters was originally planned to be a second game which would end after defeating Aqualous.
  • The Town and Hyperspace areas were also planned to be separate games.
  • Originally, Yolca was to look like a ZZT Lion (Omega character).