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Alexis Janson
Active Period 1995 to 2005
Notable releases Zeux series


Vaporware Weirdness (chapters >1)
Companies Software Visions

Alexis Janson (aka alexis, and tromdage) is the creator of MegaZeux and the most notable member of Software Visions. Having done several ZZT releases, most notably STK, Code Red and Mission:Enigma, she made a shareware game called Labrynth of Zeux in 1993. After apparent success, Alexis went on to design MegaZeux, a GCS designed to be much like an expanded ZZT.

In late 1994, MegaZeux 1.00g was released. MegaZeux increased drastically in functionality under Alexis Janson's control. Ultimately, MegaZeux 2.51 was released under the GNU General Public License 2.0 and Alexis handed over development of MZX to the community.

Outside of MegaZeux itself and the Zeux games, Alexis Janson also made the seminal MZX game Weirdness.