Zeux (channel)

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IRC Network Espernet
Year Created April 8th, 2007
Founder N/A
Founder History wildweasel
Current Operators N/A
Former Operators wildweasel, Exophase, asgromo, Fungahhh, Insidious, Kuddy

#zeux is an IRC channel located on Espernet. It was founded by wildweasel in efforts to create a public MegaZeux chat room where the chan-ops actually cared about maintaining the channel. While it was initially greeted with enthusiasm and at one point managed to average around 20 users, it is currently mostly dead and ignored. After several months of inaction, #zeux was unregistered by wildweasel on December 21st, 2008.

Channel Rules

These were the channel rules, copied from the original text file for preservation purposes.

zeux channel rules drafted by wildweasel on monday, june 11th, 6:21 pm last revision on august 4th, 4:00 pm

1. Please don't flood the channel with lots of lines of text, ASCII art, or code. If somebody wants to see that, you can take it to PM - otherwise, keep it out of the channel; especially if people are talking.

2. Filling the channel with nonsense, random characters, abuse of the bold tags and such is generally frowned upon.

3. No trolling or flame-baiting other users. Any attempt to piss people off is going to be treated very harshly.

4. For that matter, don't actively attack other users, by flaming, DoS attacks, or other offensive things. There is no such thing as "behind somebody's back" when it comes to attacks - they're going to find out sooner or later, so watch what you say.

5. Keep warez, pr0n, and commercial rom links out of the channel. That's esper's rule, and my rule as well.

6. Keep your scripts sane. I'm not forbidding scripts outright but if your script breaks any of the above rules, you will be punished.

7. Just don't be an ass.