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ZergMind (also known as Raven_Lunitek and GentryXaties) was one of three founders of Lemon MegaGames and the older brother of WildWeasel. While never releasing any projects of his own, ZergMind had considerable input in the Ascii series of games, and assisting roles in two Day of Zeux games. In 2001, ZergMind was working on a MegaZeux adaptation of Duke Nukem ZZT by Teraptus13, but lost interest in the project after the computer containing it was taken apart. After the dismantling of Lemon and WildWeasel's migration to Odyssey, ZergMind also followed suit.

Generally speaking, ZergMind has made minimal contribution to the community at large, though he has been spotted on rare occasions at the DigitalMZX forums.

ZergMind has also competed in two Day of Zeux competitions. The first was the Newyear Dualstream Day of Zeux Q4 2002, as a musician for WildWeasel's Panacea. As GentryXaties, he was also a member of the DoZ team Team Target Ball (nude) along with WildWeasel and KKairos during the Summer 2008 Dualstream Day of Zeux, providing the vast majority of their game's concept and some chunks of music.