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Author Various
Company Autumn Dreams
Release Date 1997
Genre Showcase
Download No link available.

Xenogenesis is a MZX game demo showcase by Autumn Dreams. It is famous for being an en masse example of the demo curse: with the exception of Honor Quest: Special Edition, Darkness II and (in part) Honor Quest 2, none of the games showcased in Xenogenesis were ever released in a completed state. The same is true with rival company Draconic Creations's showcase The Dark Corner, where only Bernard the Bard ever made it to completion.

Xenogenesis featured:

  • Funky Monkey Vomit (graphical) - a 3D spinning Autumn Dreams logo using charsets created by a now missing tool.
  • Triple Parallax Starfield (graphical)
  • Capture the Flag (minigame)
  • The Kicking Game (minigame)
  • The Path Followers (minigame)
  • Singing Greg (minigame)
  • Sivion (demo)
  • The Orb of the Twisted (demo)
  • Honor Quest Special Edition (demo)
  • Fred! 3 (demo)
  • Zog the Hunter 2 (demo)
  • Honor Quest 2 (demo)
  • Darkness 2 (demo)

None of the demos are playable.