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Author KKairos (as SSoriak), CrystalZero
Company None
Release Date 2004
Genre Sidescroller
Download No link available.

Xeikana was a sidescroller made by KKairos and his friend CrystalZero for the 12th Biannual 2004 New Year's DualStream DoZ. The story concerns Maynard, a sword-thief who gets hold of the eponymous sword. Said sword is needed by the light-being Vegra in order to take out the game's villain. It featured a few levels, a gamestopping bug and unforgiving, one-hit-game-over gameplay. It managed 4th place in the Day of Zeux. KKairos programmed the engines, including the jumper engine as well as the briefly used air-car and mech engines, and did most of the game's graphics. CrystalZero's contribution to the game consisted in assisting with the story and drawing the character portraits.