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Winter 2007 Day of Zeux
Host wildweasel
Judges CJA, Mr_Alert, Terryn, ShloobeR
Date December 29-30, 2007
Topic(s) Tranquility (general)

The Wild West (specific)

Scoresheet Theme-dependent
Preceeded by Summer 2007 Day of Zeux
Followed by Summer 2008 Day of Zeux

The Winter 2007 DualStream Day of Zeux was hosted by wildweasel during the month of December 2007. The competition ran from December 29th to 30th, and the topics were Tranquility (general) and The Wild West (specific).

The judges were CJA, Goshi, Mr_Alert, and Insidious. However, due to fallings-out, Goshi and Insidious were deemed too late to submit their scores and replacement judges were selected instead. These judges were initially Terryn and RoSS, but RoSS also had personal problems and was forced to retire his judging post, leaving ShloobeR as the final fourth judge.


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