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Wc title.png
Author afkHideki
Company team DAiJOBU
Release Date January 13, 2008
Genre Action
Download No link available.

The correct title of this article is western_civ. It appears incorrectly here because of technical restrictions.

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western_civ is an action/RPG game set in the wild west. The story is told from a currently unnamed character, who serves as an apprentice to an outlaw.


gameplay from western_civ

Since it was originally released as a DoZ game, western_civ is rather short. It features a linear beginning and end, but has multiple story paths. During the story, there are several battles, a few small areas to explore, and a minigame that involves avoiding fire from a rifleman.


The levels in western_civ are non-scrolling. Everything is drawn with solid colors. There are full-charset logos, and a scene from the intro was made using the BMP 2 MZM utility. The players and most items in the game are 1x1.


battle system

Most of the text is handled using a simple overlay engine. The battle system is called the quick draw and is mainly just pressing the number that flashes on the screen within a time limit.

Patch History

Not counting the extensive amount of fixes submitted for it during the DoZ, western_civ has been patched twice.

version release content
1.0 Jan 13 2008 re-release of the game (into a non-DoZ format)
1.1 Jan 14 2008 patches the 'easy' difficulty to be much easier
1.2 April 11 2008 patches code in a door that caused the game to freeze,
cleans misc code, fixes a music bug