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The Weirdland series is a set of seven MegaZeux games by Esdemo1, left in various stages of completion. They tell the story of Lyle J. Powers, young denizen of Oddville, Weirdland, and all of his bizarre friends and enemies. Esdemo1 finished Weirdlands 1, 2, 3, and 5 before joining the MegaZeux community, upon which he never finished a Weirdland game again. Esdemo1 has stopped work on these games.

Games in the Weirdland Series


Weirdland 2

Weirdland 3: Altoids from the Planet Mertz!

Weirdland 4: The Oddville Chronicles (never finished)

Weirdland 5: It's a Mad, Mad World

Weirdland 6: Deviant Behavior (never finished)

The New Weirdland: There Goes the Neighborhood (never finished)

Other Weirdland Media

A Weirdland Christmas (text)

Weirdland Reloaded (ZZT, never finished)