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Join date July 4, 2012
Interests writing, social media, web & graphic design, crafts, mixed media & fiber art, singing & ukulele, tea
MZX games

Contact info
IRC: Puella
Email: {{{email}}}
Discord: PuellaDocta#5242


My claim to fame is being Wervyn's wife, so I married into the community. My more widely-used default internet username is PuellaDocta. I've been promoted to Official Emoji Manager on the Discord (at MZXCon 2017), and recreated some iconic MZX images that you can get on a shirt!

Life Pre-Wervyn

I've been obsessed with art, fiber crafts, and stories as far back as I can remember. I got into computer graphics and websites when I was in middle and high school, and I've loved creative writing since I was a child, and after college graduation, I finally wrote the first draft of the novel I'd been poking at since late middle/early high school. I worked as a graphic & web designer/administrative assistant by day, and an author by night.

After three years of that, I met Wervyn at his cousin's wedding and...

Life Post-Wervyn

...the rest, they say, is history! Also, Wervyn introduced me to volunteering at MomoCon, and I've been working in their social media department for years now.

I'm a social media manager/graphic designer/administrative assistant & author by day, artist by night! We share our house with our two cats.


I'm not much of a programmer unless you're talking HTML and CSS, so I haven't done much game programming in MZX.

  • I tried to make one game about a little lost potato that goes looking for his brother at my first MZXCon (2011), but I never got further than the title screen.
  • During the BKZX at MZXCon 2017, I made my first official game for the prompt "Waiting Room."


I really felt like I was a part of the gang when I got to actually meet other MZXers at MZXCon 2011. At karaoke, I bring the showtunes and sing loud and proud! I'm also known for occasionally cooking everyone bacon and eggs on the last morning. I also tend to make a graphic for each con we host.

"The Short-Lived Adventures of MZXCon 2013 in Atlanta" over an Atlanta skyline
MZXCon 2013
"MZXCon 2017, Atlanta GA: OMGWTFBBQ Edition" over a picture of I-85 on fire
MZXCon 2017

Wervyn and I hosted MZXCon 2013 and 2017 at Wervyn's parent's house. Unfortunately, on account of peoples' cat allergies, we won't be hosting at our house.

External Links

Call me Christina - My Instagram account, where I post about writing, creative projects, and slices of life

MZX Shirts - my MZX t-shirt shop!