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Join date September 17, 2004
Interests Psychology, Philosophy, Theology
MZX games None.
Companies Mirror Image Games (formerly)

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I don't really get involved with the MZX community much, but what is interesting to know is that I tinkered around with MZX long before I ever bothered with ZZT. In fact, it was the younger brother of Graham Peet (who made Amnesia) who introduced me to it. I have fond memories of those early days.

I also discovered the MZX community long before I got involved with the ZZT community, being a lurker on mWorld and early DigitalMZX back in 2000. But who cares? Nobody remembers me.

Of course I'm pretty famous in both the MZX and ZZT communities for the whole "Ando is Autistic" shebang, which happened a whole internet generation ago. Don't ask, it's too stupid to get into.

Other than that I'm a pretty non-controversial character. I'm not a part of the ZZT community anymore and probably never will be so don't associate me with it, ever.