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Tetris is a popular computer game that has been recreated on many occasions in the MegaZeux platform.

In 2000, asterick's version of Tetris was nominated for Best Puzzle Game during the MegaZeux Excellence Awards, though it was beaten by Gates: The Puzzles.

In 2001, Akwende created a version of Tetris that took advantage of SMZX mode and included it with each version of MZXak. This version is among the more playable versions of Tetris, not requiring the player to change their speed setting and also including a good amount of music and sound effects to keep things interesting. However, this game was never distributed apart from the MZXak archive. He later released a non-SMZX version concurrently with MZXAk 2.0.

Other Tetris variants that have been created are Mystical Winds Tetris, and Old-Sckool's Tetris.